Podcast #3: Digital Feminism

Barbara Djassi Nov. 26, 2020

Guest of the third episode of Human Rights and the Digital Podcast is Sandra Aceng, who serves as a program manager at the Women of Uganda Network (WOUGNET) and coordinates a caucus called Women ICT Advocacy Group (WIAG) that comprises organizations and individuals interested in ICT and gender issues to advocate for internet access for all. Sandra is a 2020 Global Network Initiative (GNI)/Internews Fellow.

podcast-3 (1).png

In this episode Charity Mugasha and Phillip Ayazika are looking at how feminists are using digital media to continue advocating for women's rights on grounds of equality. We also explore the challenges surrounding that and the milestones in that field.



To learn more about WOUGNET visit https://wougnet.org/