Call for Digital Innovations in Human Rights Work

Evelyn Lirri Nov. 24, 2020

The Digital Human Rights Lab, in partnership with StartHub Africa has launched an Innovation Program that seeks to create digital solutions to help Human Rights Defenders carry out their work in better, more efficient and more secure ways, both online and offline.

Call for Ideas_3-01.png

In the first round of the Innovation Program, 10 pre-selected teams get the chance to work on their innovative and digital ideas, solutions and approaches in a guided 3-day Design Sprint taking place in January 2021. After presenting their ideas at the Pitch Event in February, the 4 best teams are eligible to benefit from a Shs 60 million funding grant and a 6-month Mentorship Program to implement their solutions in a sustainable way.

The Innovation Program focuses on generating digital solutions in the 6 Areas of Action:

  • Digital Inclusion
  • Capacity Building
  • Safety, Security and Privacy
  • Health Care
  • Knowledge Sharing and Collaborative Learning
  • Media On/Offline for advocacy, information and how to change the narrative of women and minorities within mainstream media platforms such as radio, newspapers and television.

Your solution does not fit any of the 6 Areas of Actions? No problem! Just open a new one via the form.

The target group for the digital solutions to be developed are Human Rights Defenders among them women, LGBTQ+, people with disabilities, refugees and other minorities.

The application window is open now until December 15th.

Teams can apply here