DHRLab Lunch With Project leads

Charity Mugasha Oct. 16, 2020

Recap on the September lunch meetup between the DHRLab Project leads, engagement leads and the core Pollicy team.


On Thursday the 24th of September 2020, on a sunny afternoon, DHRLab project leads, engagement leads and core members of the Pollicy team met at the cozy Prunes cafe in Kololo for a meet and greet lunch.

Since the countrywide lockdown that was implemented in March this year, organisations and individuals have had to quickly adapt to working remotely which cut down on face to face interactions during work. A lot of learning facilitation has been held online to equip members of the lab with the skills necessary for them to still carry on with their work online.

The meet up was a great opportunity for members of the DHRLab to physically interact with the different faces behind a lot of the emails and names that they had only previously seen online.

Interactions like these are not just about enjoying a heartwarming meal with some like minded individual; but they allow for members of the DHRL to get to learn more about each other, understand what everyone is doing and identify possible areas of collaboration.

As the lab continues to grow in number, we look forward to welcoming new members, exchanging ideas and celebrating the small wins as they come along.

Our next meet up will be in November and we look forward to sharing highlights!