List of Emergency Contacts for HRDs

Evelyn Lirri Dec. 21, 2020

The Digital Human Rights Lab is cognizant of the vital work that human rights defenders do in Uganda on a daily basis. At some point in their work at the frontlines of defending human rights, they will most likely face resistance and threats from different actors.


We compiled a list of emergency contacts that human rights defenders can contact in case of crisis.

  1. Center for Domestic Violence Prevention (CEDOVIP) a womens’ rights organization based in Kampala, for more information click on this link and contact them on 0414531249
  2. The Uganda Association of Women Lawyers (FIDA) is an women’s rights organisation based in Kampala that specialises in access to Justice for more information click this link or call them on the toll free number 080011151
  3. Justice Centers Uganda provides Legal advice, Counselling, and referrals. They are based in Kampala, Tororo Lira find more information o their website or call their toll free number on 080 010 0210, 080 010 0211, 080 010 0212
  4. Barefoot Law is offers Legal information, guidance and support to the public with the use of innovation through technology to increase access to Justice and Law more information can be found on their website or call their toll free number 0800220000
  5. Ice Breakers Uganda are an organisation that raises awareness of the human rights of LGBTQI people in Uganda. More information is found on their website or call toll free number for more information 0800100094
  6. National Coalition for Human Rights Defenders Uganda (NCHRD-U) is an umbrella organisation of individuals and organisations working to promote the protection of human rights defenders in Uganda. More information about their work can be found on or call their toll free number 0800-100-250 they support Human Rights defenders at Risk Countrywide.
  7. Report any election related incidents to Women's Situation Room Uganda toll free helpline @WSR_Uganda
    1. Central Region 0800 333 433
    2. Eastern Region 0800 333 434
    3. Northern Region 0800 333 435
    4. Western Region 0800 333 436
  8. Ministry of Health FREE Counseling
    dial *252# and selection option 10
  9. Mental Health Uganda FREE Counseling helpline
    If you need someone to talk to, call0800 21 21 21