Mental Health Day: You are “NOT ALONE”

Herbert Ayesiga Nov. 30, 2020

Mental health affects the LGBT community more than other community and this is due to stigma and discrimination they face because of their sexual orientation.


The month of October is a month of celebrating mental health day, and this year’s theme is Mental health for All "Greater Investment - Greater Access”. Mental health affects the LGBT community more than other community and this is due to stigma and discrimination they face because of their sexual orientation.

This year Icebreakers Uganda was joined by FEM Alliance Uganda to celebrate the first celebration of mental health day within the LGBT community in Uganda and the event was to create more awareness about mental health within the LGBT community.

The event took place at FEM Alliance Uganda offices where we had different activities including opening of the psychosocial center for the queer community, a panel discussion on how the COVID-19 has affected the LGBT community, their mental health and lastly the launching the NOT ALONE GUIDE.

Mental Health Psycho Social Support Center

A Psycho Social Support Center was opened and it was a glorious moment because this is going to be a safe space where queer persons can always walk in, call or even reach professional counselors as well as acting as a safe place for queer people.


We got a chance also to hear from the panelists with LGBT community members that is to say

  • Steven the Executive Director of Visual Echoes, a LGBT organization using sports for advocate,
  • Anna the team leader of Anna Foundation, a transgender women organization based in Wakiso district,
  • Jean a member of Freedom and Roam Uganda, a LBT and WSW organization and
  • Amanda the programs assistant of Transgender Equity Uganda, a trans sex worker led organization whereby each talked about how COVID-19 impacted their mental health as well as for their community members they serve within the LGBT community.

“We need to start speaking out about mental health issues as well as having conversations with donors to start funding mental health projects or initiates”, said Anna one of the panelists. During the session community members and partners were able to ask different questions as well as contribute to the session.


Mental Health Guide

Ice Breakers Uganda went ahead and launched their psycho-social guide which can be used in times of crisis and the guide was launched by

  • Moses from Defend defenders who heads the mental health department alongside the IBU vice board chair,
  • Shammy the Executive Director of OGERA,
  • Jay the Executive Director of FEM Alliance Uganda,
  • Elvis the Programs Director of Icebreakers Uganda and
  • Kelly the Executive Director of I freedom Uganda.

Mr. Moses encouraged the LGBT community members to use this publication and thanked IBU for their continuous research of mental health among the LGBT community in Uganda. The NOT ALONE GUIDE was launched and it can also be found online.


Not forgetting this is the same month, Icebreakers Uganda launched the first mental health research within the LGBT community in Uganda on 31st/10/2019 which was titled Invisible Scars and you can visit the link for the research INVISIBLE SCARS.


“In this fight of mental health you are not alone, we are here for you so not fight alone”, Herbert Ayesiga