Mental Health Support

Kweeta Team July 14, 2021

Mental health, including anxiety and depression can be a real issue especially during this period of lockdown in Uganda. Many people might also not know where to seek help. Here, we have compiled a list of key organisations and their contacts that could be helpful to you, your family and friends.

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Mental Health Organisations and Institutions in Uganda

  • Butabika National Referral Mental Hospital
    Butabika National Referral Mental Hospital is the country’s largest mental facility. The hospital is based in Kampala and provides a wide range of mental health services.
    You can reach them on
    +256 414 504 376

  • Mental Health Uganda
    Located in Kampala, Mental Health Uganda is a network of various organizations which was created to provide a unified voice that influences the provision of required services and opportunities for people with psychosocial disabilities in Uganda.

  • StrongMinds Uganda
    StrongMinds is a social enterprise that provides life-changing mental health services to women in several countries, including Uganda. StrongMinds provides treatment for women who suffer debilitating mental illness. In Uganda, they have offices in the capital Kampala, and can be reached on:
  • Twogere
    Twogere Community Initiatives was established in 2018 to provide a platform to start conversations about young people’s mental health in Uganda and beyond. Young people dealing with mental health challenges can reach them on
  • TPO-Uganda
    TPO Uganda is a rights-based NGO that works in partnership with communities, civil society, the private sector and the government to improve their mental health and socio-economic wellbeing in a sustainable way. More Info:
  • Reach A Hand Uganda
    Reach A Hand Uganda is a youth centered organization focusing on youth empowerment programmes on livelihoods and skills development, behavior change communication, sexual reproductive health and rights and HIV/Aids awareness and prevention.
  • HeartSounds Uganda
    HeartSounds Uganda is an organization in the development of mental health peer support in Uganda. It was started in 2008 as a community-based organization to pilot peer support workers programs in the country. It is also commonly known as “Experts by Experience” as most of its peer support workers have lived experiences with mental health.
    +256782611611 or +25670459446
  • Triumph Uganda
    Triumph Uganda is an indigenous community-based organization initiated by people with lived experience of mental health issues, epilepsy conditions and psychosocial disabilities and their caregivers and family members.

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We hope that you stay safe and healthy, both physical and mental in this times of crisis and beyond.
In case you know further pages, contacts, institutions please reach out to us so that we can add them to the list and keep it up to date.

The dhrlab in collaboration with AHAR Uganda is hosting regular mental health circles. Please keep an eye our events page and follow @aharug on twitter for more information.