Monthly Digest: August 2020

Daniel D. Odongo Aug. 27, 2020

Whether it's opinions on fostering digital human rights - or simply the valuable lessons learned along the way, here is the Digital Human Rights Lab's round-up of the this month's most interesting articles and stories.


Must-read Articles of the Month

Whether it's opinions on fostering digital human rights - or simply the valuable lessons learned along the way, here's a round-up of the past month's most interesting articles and stories.

Technology in Conflict: how COVID-19 contact tracing apps can exacerbate violent conflicts

This article explores how a human security approach to COVID-19 tech tools would prompt tech companies, governments, and other actors to work with communities in ways that enhance their agency in the face of the pandemic to both reduce the risk of exacerbating conflict while maximizing the benefits of technology.

Gender-Based Violence during COVID19: ICT the way to go

Gender-based violence (GBV) increases during every type of emergency – whether economic crises, conflict or disease outbreaks. Brian Chanwart from SRI-International discusses how safe access to ICT might help to understand and respond to this issue.

Does Technology Evolve More Quickly Than Ethical and Legal Norms?

Technology and Innovation has led to ethical issues like data mining, invasion to privacy, data theft and workplace monitoring are common and critical. It is frequently observed that developments in technology run ahead of law and ethics, which never quite catch up.

Community Updates

With so much going on it’s easy to lose track of what’s happening in the world of social impact. Stay informed and inspired with our handpicked content from the DHRLab Community.

Black Lives Matter: Perspectives from the DHRLab-Community

Black lives matter (BLM) is a global activist movement that campaigns against racism, discrimination, and violence towards black people. We asked our membership to share their thoughts on this important topic.

We are powerful because we have survived

During Pride Month Icebreakers Uganda joined Sexual Minorities Uganda, Kakyo Project and Elesmond Production to engage in an online month long celebration. The main aim of the celebration was to encourage self-expression and also bring on several guest speakers, healers, educators and activists to engage with the LGBTIQ community.

Non-Consensual Intimate Imagery: How can Digital Security help?

A dive into “technology-assisted violence against women and girls which Women of Uganda Network, a member of the Digital Human Rights Lab says should be referred to as non-consensual intimate images (NCII) and not “revenge porn”.

Over 1 in 4 women experienced gender-based violence

This study from Pollicy looks at experiences of women online and found that 28% of women in the five African countries surveyed had experienced some form of online abuse.

Opportunities | Tips | Resources

Every month, we collate the very best opportunities, tips and resources for digital human rights practitioners in our community.

Digital Advocacy for your organisation

What is digital advocacy? How do you choose a digital advocacy strategy? How do you launch your campaign? How do you create engaging content? How do you create personas? How do you monitor & evaluate your campaign? Have your answers answered in this toolkit from Pollicy.

What is Cybersecurity, what is data protection?

Defining cybersecurity and data protection, why it is important to have laws that govern Cybersecurity and data protection separately, bearing in mind the importance of protecting the privacy of citizens.

Podcast #2: Defending Human Rights in the Digital Age

In the second episode of Human Rights and the Digital Podcast, Charity Mugasha and Phillip Ayazika, together with their guest Brian Geoffrey Chanwat (Strategic Response Initiative), explore how Human Rights Defenders in Uganda are embracing ICT to adapt to new working conditions in times of a global pandemic.

Language Matters

How gendered and racial language in technology and programming can perpetuate dangerous stereotypes and inequalities.

COVID-19 Human Rights Violations Tracker

SRI-International, a grantee of our COVID-19 response call, shares an early peek into their online tracker that is documenting human rights violations in Uganda during the COVID-19 pandemic.

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