Monthly Digest: February 2022

Daniel D. Odongo Feb. 25, 2022

Whether it's opinions on fostering digital human rights - or simply the valuable lessons learned along the way, here is the Digital Human Rights Lab's round-up of the last month's most interesting articles and stories.


Must-read Articles of the Month

Whether it's opinions on fostering digital human rights - or simply the valuable lessons learned along the way, here's a round-up of the past month's most interesting articles and stories.

What does the future of data regulation look like?

It's time to redefine how data is governed, controlled and shared. This article from the World Economic Forum annual meeting highlights Five potential futures for public and private stakeholders to consider that reimagine how data is used, controlled and shared.

Cyberattacks on Ukraine’s infrastructure and civil society violate human rights

We stand with the people of Ukraine as they endure Russia’s large-scale military invasion targeting population centres across the country, alongside ongoing cyberattacks impacting critical services and infrastructure. Digital rights violations enable and escalate offline violence, and the calculated attacks targeting digital systems essential to people’s safety and wellbeing are unacceptable.

Addressing The Online Sexual Exploitation Of Children: Lessons From The Philippines

The implications of technology on human rights have become more apparent over time. For instance, the narrowing digital divide between the West and the Global South has led to the broadening of some human rights abuses in the latter, as evidenced by the growth of online sexual exploitation, also known as cyber sex trafficking.

Video: An intergenerational Q&A on democratising the digital space

Watch the conversation where they discuss internet access as a human right – and how to guarantee it – as well as what African lawmakers and regulators are doing to ensure a digital transformation that is inclusive, safe, and secure.

Community Updates

With so much going on it’s easy to lose track of what’s happening in the world of social impact. Stay informed and inspired with our handpicked content from the DHRLab Community.

Embracing ICT as a Tool for Economic Prosperity – Where does Uganda stand?

Andrew Gole shares highlights from the recently concluded #ICT4DevtUG online campaign by the ICT4Advocacy COP and underlines why the Ugandan government should take the campaign's messages seriously.

Taking matters in their hands! How Uganda’s young people are determined to give Youth Mental Health a face!

How Uganda’s young people are determined to give Youth Mental Health a face! The demand for mental health information and services among young people in Uganda is huge and there are not so many initiatives meeting this gap. The young members of Awesome Mind Speaks are on their way to deal with this need.

Ethical Data Handling for Grassroots Organisations

BarefootLaw and Amara Hub hosted grassroots CSOs and local government leaders from Lira city and Kole district to share on the topic of ethical data handling. Read more on the activity in this Twitter thread.

Inside the Digital Society: Fair gigs

Gig work – organised through online ‘digital labour platforms’ – is widespread and becoming commonplace. Platforms say it offers workers flexibility. Some welcome this; others say it’s insecure and that the terms on which they work are far from fair.

Podcast: Human Rights and the Digital by DHRLab

Human Rights and the Digital Podcast presents voices and perspectives of Human Rights defenders in Uganda, focusing on how technology is being used to the realisation of Human Rights. This podcast is produced by the Digital Human Rights Lab.

Opportunities | Tips | Resources

Every month, we collate the very best opportunities, tips and resources for digital human rights practitioners in our community.

A Guide on Designing Inclusive Policies and Programs

The guide serves as an exercise in thinking about diverse perspectives and needs of unique individuals when developing programs, policies and platforms. It addresses the need to reimagine technology designs to address emerging needs of minority communities.

Digital Security Helpline

If you are a journalist or human rights defender connected to the conflict and need digital security support, the AccessNow Helpline is here for you.

Wekuume App — Making Digital Security a Household Term

Download the Wekuume from Google Play, and start your journey to ensuring you are protected. In case you have feedback or suggested improvements to the app, reach out via email to

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