Monthly Digest: July 2020

Daniel D. Odongo July 30, 2020

Whether it's opinions on fostering digital human rights - or simply the valuable lessons learned along the way, here is the Digital Human Rights Lab's round-up of the this month's most interesting articles and stories.


Must-read Articles of the Month

Keeping students Connected in Somalia

How digital transformation is being applied to keep students connected in Somalia, a country where less than 10% of its population have internet access.

Digital ID & Management Information Systems for Humanitarian & Social Protection Response

Technology & data processing have uses and consequences that at present are poorly understood by many humanitarian practitioners, project managers and policy advisers

How much do Africans pay for voice calls and the Internet?

The recurring theme of mobile internet prices is that while they are dropping globally, they are not dropping fast enough across Africa. African mobile users pay nearly three times the global average for voice calls and internet.

Community Resources

With so much going on it’s easy to lose track of what’s happening in the world of social impact. Stay informed and inspired with our handpicked content from the DHRLab Community.

Disinformation and the Citizen's Right to be Informed

In case you missed Pollicy’s webinar on Disinformation and the Citizen's Right to be Informed.

Improving women’s access to the internet in Uganda

WOUGNET (Women of Uganda Network) weighs in on how Uganda is performing in as far as women’s usage of the internet is concerned when matched against the principles of African Declaration of Internet Rights and Freedoms (AFDEC).

DHRLab at RightsCon 2020

Missed the sessions from DHRLab and our community at the RightsCon? Follow a recap from our live Twitter updates from the world's leading event on human rights in the digital age that is taking place fully online for the first time!

Opportunities | Tips | Resources

Every month, we collate the very best opportunities, tips and resources for digital human rights practitioners in our community.

Community Leaders for Internet Health Report

Internet Health Report by Community Leaders for Internet Health; featuring 8 youth from Belarus, Benin, Kenya, Mauritius and Uganda.

OECD Going Digital Toolkit

How are countries going digital? The OECD’s toolkit helps measure, compare and find policy solutions

Save, a New Open-Source App, Empowers Citizen Reporters

OpenArchive introduces an open-source app designed to give citizen reporters more agency over their sensitive mobile media.

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