Monthly Digest: October 2020

Daniel D. Odongo Nov. 3, 2020

Whether it's opinions on fostering digital human rights - or simply the valuable lessons learned along the way, here is the Digital Human Rights Lab's round-up of the this month's most interesting articles and stories.


Must-read Articles of the Month

Whether it's opinions on fostering digital human rights - or simply the valuable lessons learned along the way, here's a round-up of the past month's most interesting articles and stories.

How women are fighting for peace in a militarised cyberspace

The internet can accelerate a more peaceful world for women – or chip away at their rights. But online activism isn’t without risk for women. Online threats have led to physical ones, demonstrating the real-world consequences of online activity.

World freedom of expression rankings for 2019/20

Freedom of expression has fallen to its lowest score since 2009 and now stands at 50/100. The Global Expression Report is ARTICLE 19’s most comprehensive, data-based report that tracks freedom of expression across the world. Unfortunately, Uganda is featured among the countries experiencing significant declines in expression.

Building a feminist COVID-19 response and recovery

The Hawaiian State Commission on the Status of Women released a unique attempt at using a feminist lens to build an economy that is more cognizant of the marginalized. It responds to four main questions: How should your state find money to deal with the hole it’s in? How can we stimulate jobs? What should we spend the funding on? And what would a better, more resilient economy look like?”

Community Updates

Unwanted Witness and Ministry of ICT launch Privacy Scorecard

Together with the Ministry of ICT, Unwanted Witness has unveiled the inaugural annual “Privacy Scorecard”. The Privacy Scorecard is a monitoring tool that will be used to provide Ugandans with critical information on how different personal data collectors/processors comply with the Data Protection and Privacy Act, 2019.

Remote Work: Why Organisations need a Long Term Plan

Remote working is a working style that allows one to work from anywhere away from the traditional workspace. It has helped millions of businesses survive and stay afloat during this crisis. Should remote working be considered in the long run?

Cyber Laws Community of Practice Training in Jinja

BarefootLaw, ThinVoid and WOUGNET held a workshop in the eastern town of Jinja, to train organisations on data collection, disposal and protection in line with the laws of Uganda. This work is done under the Cyber Laws Community of Practice (CoP)

Opportunities | Tips | Resources

Every month, we collate the very best opportunities, tips and resources for digital human rights practitioners in our community.

Human Rights Watch Film Festival East Africa Film Festival November 9-13, 2020

HRW Film Festival presents its first digital expansion to audiences in seven countries in eastern Africa, showing free films November 9-13, 2020. The films and panel discussions will be accessible online to audiences in Kenya, Uganda, Tanzania, Sudan, South Sudan, Somalia, and Ethiopia.

Assessing the Human Rights Situation in Uganda during the Pandemic

As part of the awareness campaign for their COVID-19 Human Rights Violations Tracker, SRI - Uganda shall hosting a webinar on Zoom and broadcast on their Facebook page. Register here to be part of it.

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