Podcast #11: Women's Land Rights

Larissa Zappe Nov. 16, 2021

Though being married to a land owner, women often do not inherit land if the spouse passes away. How can we protect them from land grabbing? In this episode, Charity and Phillip invited Eva Oryem and Charles Ochan, both members of the 'Innovations for Rural Development CoP' to discuss mobilization of women and awareness raising on land rights through community dialogues and interface meetings.

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Both Eva Oryem and Charles Ochan are Human Rights Defenders dedicated to strengthening civic knowledge of women on their rights to land access, ownership, and utilization through awareness raising and information dissemination in the community. Listen to the latest episode of "Human Rights and the Digital" now and learn more about how women can execute their land rights in rural as well as urban areas in a better manner and what challenges can occur in the protection and promotion of these rights.