Amara Hub

By inspiring increased commitment and investment in skills development and access to opportunity, the Amara Hub is empowering young people to adapt to the current volatile and uncertain economy through new education, resilience and innovation.

Despite many societies across Africa being male-dominated, women are charged with nearly all the domestic and agricultural family activities. Women grow food, collect water, build and maintain houses, educate children, and generate income for the home, yet somewhat remain among the most disadvantaged and marginalized in the community.

Our mission at Amara Hub is to create dignified livelihood opportunities for youth, especially young women and girls. We are working alongside educators, community leaders, non-governmental organizations, and local government authorities, to lead and contribute to the development and delivery of solutions to our most pressing skills and socio-economic challenges.

Amara Hub has been part of the working group of ICT4Advocacy now which has turned out to be a Community of Practice (CoP), Amara Hub has also participated in the Child Safety online Campaign, Save the messenger Campaign, Cyber security awareness month tweet chat with other members of the CoP.