Associates for Health Rights (AHAR)

AHAR is a duly registered organisation in Uganda established to provide mental health; resilience and regeneration practices for human rights defenders who are exposed to trauma as a result of occupational hazards.

Associates For Health Rights (AHAR) is an independent, non-profit, and non-partisan Company limited by guarantee established in September 2014 and based in Kampala, Uganda. AHAR focuses on four thematic areas: Advocates for the right to health and well-being of vulnerable persons, Psycho-social support to populations at risk, Legal aid to vulnerable persons and Research on sexual and reproductive health.

AHAR advocates for the well-being of activists and provides psycho-social support services to the vulnerable communities using peer support programs.

The organisatoin is still a WG attached to Digital Inclusion CoP. AHAR shall play an integral role in the DHRLab by using digital tools designed for use by peers in aiding and mitigating measures of human rights violations during Covid-19 crisis.