Action for women and Awakening in Rural Environment (AWARE) was formed 1989 by a group of local rural women of Kaabong District

AWARE was initiated with an aim of taking women out of their plight in this region by networking to build rural women's skills, learn their rights, fight poverty, violence, suffering and HIV.

Our Vision: To promote women’s active involvement in development of their communities to raise their standard of living.

Our Objectives:

  • To improve the livelihoods of grassroots women and their families.
  • To improve the knowledge and skills of the community particularly women on prevention, care, support and management of HIV/AIDS, Reproductive health, and other health impact on the family and community.
  • To educate women and wider community on Women/Human Rights, Gender Based Violence prevention and reporting avenues and justice systems to seek redress for human rights violations and abuses experienced.