Barefoot Law

We provide HRDs with knowledge, skills and the fortitude to be legally/digitally secure with their online activities and data; to be prepared and aware of potential legal action stemming from their online presence as they carry out their daily activities.

BarefootLaw is a not-for-profit organisation, founded and based in Uganda, working at the forefront of technology innovation to increase access to justice for all. Our work empowers people to develop legal solutions to their justice needs. We broadcast free legal information to users through multiple channels, including mobile phones (SMS and Tollfree Calls), the Internet (Social media & Website), radio, and community outreach programmes. Users with specific legal queries reach us through the same broadcasting channels, where a team of full-time trained attorneys and soon, supported by Winnie, our AI lawyer, helps them resolve legal issues and disputes pro-bono. Our goal is to make access to justice and the law readily available to 50 million people across Africa by 2030.