DefendDefenders seeks to strengthen the work of human rights defenders throughout the East and Horn of Africa sub-region by reducing their vulnerability to the risk of persecution and enhancing their capacity to effectively defend human rights.

DefendDefenders was established based on the following prerequisites:

  • Enhance the collaboration and coordination between human rights organisations in the sub-region
  • Reduce Resource constraints, which greatly undermine the effectiveness of the work carried out by HRDs
  • Enhance knowledge gaps, regarding international human rights instruments and mechanisms, as well as crisis management
  • Supplement the efforts of local and national HRDs by the wider international community

DefendDefenders was established as a result of an extensive field research that identified the vulnerability and complex challenges faced by HRDs, and the need for strong structures to promote and protect their work and well-being.

DefendDefenders is currently involved in the DHRL under two CoPs, the Digital Security CoP and the Ttaala CoP which is focused on capacity building through data and advocacy tools training. Under the Ttaala CoP, DefendDefenders seeks to enable human rights defenders become better equipped with digital tools to carry out their work especially those tools that enhance their understanding and capability of making use of data, documentation and advocating for their various organisations. It currently holds about 20 organisations with room to grow!