Design Without Borders

Design without Borders Africa (DwB) is a product and service design consultancy with offices in Kampala, Uganda and Oslo, Norway.

DwB is founded with the conviction that design and designers can contribute to improving lives of people in low and middle-income countries and areas of crisis.

With a diverse team of designers, architects, engineers and anthropologists DwB uses extensive research and Human Centred Design methods to drive collaboration with users and stakeholders to understand and deal with complex contextual challenges - with the aim to co-create solutions that are useful, relevant and meaningful for the contexts in which they operate.

For over 15 years, DwB has worked successfully with their clients and partners in various fields including health, agriculture, education, manufacturing, energy and in humanitarian situations to co-create sustainable products and services for needs ranging from financial inclusion and safe child birth to efficient urban transport systems.

DwB's mission is to provide design services and simultaneously build local design capacity in areas where they operate.

DwB is working with the Digital Human Rights Lab (DHRL) to train and mentor their affiliate human rights organisations (Communities of Practice - CoPs) in Human Centred Design and Design thinking methods. For this project DwB will provide continuous mentorship as the organisations create solutions responding to the need for relevant stakeholders to promote more active engagement in human rights initiatives while adequately taking advantage of the opportunities and risks that the digital age presents .

To do this, DwB will carry out a series workshops and trainings with the CoPs to share design knowledge, their experience of design/innovation processes while actively contribute and providing feedback to the organisations' own design/innovation processes.