Digital Woman Uganda

Digital Woman Uganda (DWU) is a Civic-tech and Digital Rights Advocacy organization – that was established to provide digital literacy skills to women and girls both in urban and rural areas.

Digital Woman Uganda is operating an ICT powered model to extend the literacy/skills of women and girls relevant to the digital ecosystem. Their overall goal is to prepare African women and girls to be able to be competitive and self-sustaining in the Digital World. Through technology especially mobile technology we offer digital literacy trainings, digital advocacy and research and innovation in the digital space as we circumvent digital solutions to existing challenges especially for the women/girls .

In the DHRLab, Digital Woman Uganda study the spread, types, and impact of online abuse of women and children as well as building the digital security capacities and advocate for sustained inclusion and protection of the rights of these groups in Uganda. The end goal is to develop appropriate tools to raise awareness about the topic as well as an effective advocacy scheme for policy-makers and law enforcement to tackle identified key issues.