Pollicy is a civic technology organization based in Kampala, Uganda.

The organization provides design consulting to re-engineer civic engagement and participatory processes, technology solutions for communication and research services to better understand what works within each local context. Through new technologies, we bridge data gaps from grassroot level all the way up to national level. Our passion is focused on influencing a culture of data use, promoting the use of shared data platforms, building analytical capacity and advocating for improved data usage amongst political candidates, civil society organizations, non-governmental organization and government.

Pollicy currently heads the Community of Practice focused on improving the use and effectiveness of data in minority communities. As a first project, the research team at Pollicy will be looking at how Persons with Disabilities currently make use of digital tools, and how to improve their lived experiences through better access to assistive technology, such as e-readers, adapted keyboards, text magnifiers, text-to-speech etc.