Safe Child and Community Support Organisation (SACCOSO)

Safe Child and Community Support Organisation (SACCOSO) is a Community Based Organisation-CBO founded 2014 to improve the lives of disadvantaged children, youth, women and men in Teso Region of Uganda.

The Organisation works closely with community resource persons to effectively facilitate enriched activities in pursuit of human safety.

Safe Child and Community Support Organisation as a partner in the DHRLab upholds joint partnership and cooperation with U-TOUCH being a lead partner. SACCOSO involvement in the CoP, disseminates information at community level who also share the information against human rights abuses and advocates respect for the rule of law in favour of citizens. SACCOSO embraces dynamic social media platform, community dialogue and in-person networks and facilitates awareness raising and learning events in the six (6) thematic areas; Education, Water and Sanitation Hygiene, Land Rights and Conflict Management, Gender Equality, Health Promotion and Agriculture and Livelihoods Empowerment.