Strategic Response International

Strategic Response International (SRI) is an independent, non-partisan, and not for profit network of young pro- democracy, human rights and social justice oriented lawyers in Uganda.

The organisation unites young pro-democracy and human rights lawyers to provide robust legal response on matters that undermine the principles of democracy and human rights through litigation and counsel across Uganda.

Our Work:

The organization provides a platform where lawyers with a particular interest in social justice identify with to achieve social justice causes. Through nurturing and mobilization of pro-democracy and human rights lawyers, the organization seeks to enhance peer learning to pursue social justice by public and strategic interest litigation, policy research, and advocacy.

The network currently has over 270 lawyers all over Uganda committed to the promotion of democracy, good governance & protection of fundamental human, political & civil rights through strategic impact litigation and research.

SRI works in a CoP exploring the use of ICT in Human rights work in Uganda. The project seeks to create a platform for tracking and documenting human rights violations. This is part of the continued joint effort to promote and protect human rights for all in Uganda’s rapidly changing legal regime.