Unwanted Witness

Unwanted Witness is a civil society organization advocating for a free, secure and open internet/online activism with expertise in digital rights.

We aim at amplifying citizens voices in order to change their lives through policy advocacy, capacity building, research campaigns and press engagements to form synergies for collective action. Unwanted Witness was established in 2012 as a non-profit organization. Our areas of niche are: Data protection and privacy, Surveillance, Digital security and Internet governance with a focus on the intersection between technology and human rights.

Our Vision: Creating platforms that guarantee internet freedom/online activism

Our Mission: To contribute to good governance through effective and efficient internet/online activism through networking and strengthening capacities of netizens for collective advocacy and synergy.

Unwanted Witness(UW) is a member of DHRLab and through the Community of Practice(CoPs), UW is currently working a project under cyber laws titled : Salvaging the shrinking digital space in Uganda through research and advocacy. UW formed its main synergy with barefootlaw sharing joint coordination roles within the Cyber law CoP. We envision an activated regional digital rights network with independent abilities to defend and minimize interference online resulting from censorship.