Women of Uganda Network (WOUGNET) is a Non-Governmental Organization initiated in May 2000 by several women’s organisations in Uganda.

WOUGNET’s mission is to promote and support the use of ICTs by women and women organisations in Uganda, so that they can take advantage of the opportunities presented by ICTs in order to effectively address national and local problems of sustainable development.

While our emphasis is directed towards Internet technologies, we are also interested in how these technologies can be integrated with traditional means of information exchange and dissemination including radio, video, television and print media. Our goal is to improve conditions of life for women by enhancing their capacities and opportunities for exchange, collaboration and information sharing.

We advocate for gender responsive policies and laws to ensure women digital rights and freedom. Our initiatives are informed by the research studies that we carry out.

WOUGNET is one of the implementing partner in the project " Empowering Human Rights Defenders with Legal and Digital Fortitude" . WOUGNET will be the gender perspective trainer.