Youth Forum for Social Justice

Youth Forum for Social Justice is a non-profit youth-led human rights defenders indigenous organization established in 2016 in Abim District, Karamoja sub-region.

We are a partner to National Coalition of Human Rights Defenders-Uganda , beneficiary of Defend Defenders East and Horn of Africa Human Rights Defenders Project and Freedom House Emergency response support grant. We have been advancing grassroots mechanism of protecting HRDs who are helping the highly marginalized members whose rights have been infringed on to get fair remedy and are facing threats and challenges that jeopardizes their work.

Our Vision: A sustainable society with empowered youth upholding the principles of social justice, promoting human rights, gender equality and good governance

Our Mission: To build responsible and charismatic youths who shall transform society through advocating for the promotion and respect for human rights.

We work to promote digital security among grassroots human rights defenders and their organizations in Karamoja through Defenders Protection Initiative (DPI) and Her Empire, we work to foster safety precautions on online cyber abuses and attacks against both children and minority groups, system backups, checkups and fix-ups, data protection by lobbing from DPI. we belong to the CoPs Innovations for Rural Development