4th Women HRDs Conference


4th Women HRDs Conference

The Phenomenal Woman: Restoring Hope in Challenging Times



The Human Rights Centre Uganda (HRCU) in collaboration with Phenomenal Women Global (PWG) with support from Defend Defenders have successfully held two Women Human Rights Defenders’ Conferences in Kampala, Uganda, that is, in December 2018 and December 2019 and also this year the HRCU in collaboration with PWG is organizing the Fourth Women Human Rights Defenders’ Conference under the theme; “The Phenomenal Woman: Restoring hope in challenging times”.

The Conference will reflect on the following topics:

  • Business Continuity & career progression
  • Health and mental wellness
  • Sexual and Gender based violence
  • Continuity of Education.
  • Access to Justice for Women Human Rights Defenders (HRDs)

The Conference specifically aims to:

  • Provide inspiration, opportunities and innovating ideas for all women and women Human Rights Defenders (HRDs) to rise above the impact of COVID-19 while maintaining a healthy work- life and spiritual balance
  • Equip all women and women Human Rights Defenders with the necessary knowledge and leadership skills to achieve their full potential in order to attain meaningful and lasting impact in their spheres of influence; and enhance their current career or business opportunities amidst the COVID-19 pandemic.
  • Provide a platform for Women HRDs to share their experiences in the course of defending the rights of women, addressing various human rights issues, participation in politics and taking on leadership roles and enhance networking with a purpose to build partnerships with leading women and other Women Human Rights Defenders from different economic, political and social spheres of influence in Uganda through a digital platform.