Afrofeminist Data Futures

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Afrofeminist Data Futures

Neema Ayer from Pollicy is guest on this years #FIFAfrica21 session hosted by Pollicy and CIPESA Uganda - Tune in!





Afrofeminist Data Futures is a report that explores the collection, sharing and use of digital data for social transformation by African feminist and women's rights organizations. Through philosophies like data feminism, data journalism and afrofeminism, it also outlines a path that technology companies can chart in order to build inclusive data futures for African women. In this community workshop, we want to create a space for bold public imagination on what a data feminist future that takes account of the African context and centers African women looks like. Therefore, we would love to hear the most radical ideas from our participants on how that future looks like. Having a diverse set of participants means that we will gain a diverse set of ideas on this envisioned future; a future that includes as many people as possible.

Phillip Ayazika
Founder, Pollicy

Chenai Chair

Garnett Achieng