CoP Presentation & Collaboration Workshop


CoP Presentation & Collaboration Workshop

The Community of Practice will gather and give intresting insights in their work to identify possible synergies and collaborations.


Future Challenges and betterplace lab, together with Pollicy are implementing the Digital Human Rights Lab (DHRL) in Uganda. DHRL aims to strengthen digital human rights work through innovative use of digital development principles, fostering of collaboration, and strengthening the digital mindset of human rights actors in Uganda.

With regard to collaboration of human rights actors, the DHRL supports so called “Communities of Practice” (CoPs). These CoPs unite organizations who have similar interests, understanding, and challenges in the human rights and tech space. Through their collaboration, each CoP focuses on knowledge exchange and creating impact on a specific issue relating to human rights and technology.

The objective of the meeting is to help plan your project effectively, create an ambience that fosters collaboration between projects, and work on ideas to improve your proposal. Subject areas include CoP Planning and Preparation, Monitoring and Evaluation, as well as Collaborations. We want to achieve that you can use this workshop as an opportunity to get further clarification on the CoP process as well as guidelines and tips for your financial and project reporting.