Digital Security Policy Generator – Workshop with Daniel Moßbrucker


Digital Security Policy Generator – Workshop with Daniel Moßbrucker

The workshop focuses on the threats that come along with digitization and when working with online tools. We will work on a tool that allows organisations to set up their own digital security concepts.


Pollicy Office, Plot 7 Kulubya Cl, Kampala


Together with Daniel Moßbrucker and DeutscheWelle academy we will work on developing a Security Policy Generator for human rights organisations. By expanding our knowledge and establishing new security infrastructures that are adapted and used in our Communities of Practice with the Digital Human Rights Lab we wish to enhance our own security concept. Among other topics we will engage with issues of documentation and account security, as well as how advice for legal action can help to adress online harassment.

Nevertheless, we would also like to address the fact that when introducing new tools, the users skills and intended output must be thought of, so that it gives an improvement – matching the principle for digital development design with the user.