Disinformation, and Citizens right to be informed


Disinformation, and Citizens right to be informed

Fake news increasingly influence online media. Therefore, the ability to take responsible and decisive action against false information is crucial.


With the rise in disinformation and fake news globally, citizens now need to be equipped with the necessary skills to be at the forefront of fighting this infodemic, or else they risk missing out on the right to access accurate information. Recent trends have proven that fake news can spread much faster than real news and by real people not bots. This has resulted in people making decisions based on misleading information which at times results in violence both online and offline. With online media becoming the primary source of information, there is a need to equip citizens with a checklist to ensure they “Don’t feed the beast”.

Pollicy has organized a webinar under the theme “​Exploring the Citizens’ role in spotting and fighting fake news online and in the communities​”. At the webinar, we shall as well introduce "Create Your Own Fake News​", an interactive adventure game that allows you to navigate the world of disinformation and misinformation through the choices you make. Scrutinizing news and information about job opportunities, vaccines, and upcoming elections to make the right choices!

It is part of Pollicy and the Digital Human Rights Lab’s ongoing “​Digital resilience for the future of work​” program that is supporting and equipping organizations and individuals with digital skills to cope​ with the changing landscape of conducting work and organizing across the world.

Speakers include​: Nelson Kwaje of Defy hate now, Lindsey Kukunda of Not your body, Blessing Naturinda a Youtuber and Former Journalist, Neema Iyer of Pollicy and Canary Mugume of NBS.