Internet Shutdown and Censorship


Internet Shutdown and Censorship

The Internet Shutdown and Censorship in Uganda Workshop covers topics as "What's TOR and how does TOR anti-censorship work?; What are internet freedom tools limitations?" We also listen to your feedback and experience during the internet shutdown and censorship.


At the beginning of this year, Internet shutdowns and the blocking of social media and other websites affected all citizens in Uganda.

The Tor network and other anti-censorship apps were adopted by many people in the country, trying to circumvent the internet block to access the free and open Internet.

We would like to invite you to discuss and talk about your experience using these anti-censorship tools and other techniques.

Gustavo Gus is Community Team lead at the Tor Project and since 2007 works as security trainer and free software consultant in Brazil.

Brian Byaruhanga, Digital Security CoP,

So please Join us via this link today, Wednesday 02, June 2021, starting at 3:00 pm (1500hrs) East Africa Time.