Introduction to the Digital Human Rights Lab


Introduction to the Digital Human Rights Lab

The DHRLab as a physical-visual space wants to bring together the DHR community. Join us at our introduction event to identify synergies and strenghten the networks of the DHR Scene!


At this meeting we want to introduce the Digital Human rights Lab (DHRLab) as a physical-virtual space that is bringing together various players in the human rights scene to collaborate and discuss digitizing of human rights in Uganda.

We wish to introduce the DHRLab to a broader human rights community and emphasize the importance of a deep and wide-ranging collaboration with diffrent activists and organisations who are engaged in the field of digital human rights work. Identifying synergies and thematic intersections, enables the establishment of a network that brings together a large number of actors and supports them in their work.

During the event a number of talks will be given concerning the challenges organizations often face in the field, as well as the opportunity to present your own experiences and to exchange knowledge about the experiences of other organisations. In addition, we would like to provide an insight into the content of central areas of digital human rights work we mostly engage with and outline the structure and functioning of our Community of Practice CoP.