Mental Health Circle #3


Mental Health Circle #3

Hello there, it's the Mental Health Circles again!  We received tremendous feedback from the second session. And for this week we are hoping to incorporate all the feedback and make the session more efficient. Once again you are invited to the third mental health circle, this week we focus on WORTH; Let Go of Feeling Unworthy and Find Resilience.




This week we shall provide more time for the breakaway sessions to allow all of you to share adequately. To join this week’s session please sign up to let us know you will be attending this Thursday 22nd July 2021 starting 10 am till 11:30 pm. 

Sign Up link:

As you sign up please be sure to add your mobile money number to enable us to process the data refunds at the end.

Have a great day and chat Thursday.

If you have any questions, please reach out.