Application Form: Innovation Program

Let’s find digital innovations for human rights defenders to execute their work in better, more efficient and more secure ways.

Apply with your team until 15.12.2020. For more information, go to:

Contact information

To be able to contact your team regarding your application and the application process, we ask you to name a team member as contact person. This contact person will be responsible for the communication between the Innovation Program Team and your team.


Let us know what challenge you are taking on, which group of people besides the main target group of Human Rights Defenders is benefiting from a solution and in which Area of Action your challenge falls. The 6 Areas of Actions show thematic areas in human rights work in Uganda where there is a high demand for innovative digital solutions, approaches and ideas. If your project, idea or approach does not fit into any of the suggested Areas of Action, you are welcome to suggest another Area of Action.

If you choose 'Other', which other target group will benefit from your idea?
If you choose 'Other', please explain in which area of action is the challenge you want to solve?


Tell us about how you want to tackle the challenge. Describe your solution, idea or approach in brief, focusing on the criteria of uniqueness, type of innovation, impact, scalability and sustainability.

Enter period of time e.g 2 years


Explain what role (digital) technologies play in the implementation of your idea/solution/approach, what are the next important steps to take (milestones) and which organisations/teams/groups are already working on ideas tackling the same challenge.


Describe your team, your skills and abilities, how they contribute to the implementation and further development of your solution/idea/approach. Also share what makes you want to participate in the Innovation Program and why you are the right team to tackle your challenge. A team can consist of 2-5 team members. If you have a good idea so far but have no one to work with, we recommend that you build your team yourself. Have a look around in your network!

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