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DHRLab community commemorate the transition of all members towards a collaborative self sustaining mode of operation, under…


Redefining African Women's Bias, Stereotypes and Discrimination in Tech

How can African women work in the tech industry without facing stereotypes and discrimination? Join the discussion on the o…


Capacity Building Workshop

Building and Maintaining Successful Coalitions and Partnerships


Workshop on Mental Health Programming and Communication among HRDs

Awesome Mind Speaks (AMS) aims at fostering a supportive and productive environment through capacity building and strengthe…


Linking and Learning

Building Sustainable Digital Innovations. Exploring Emerging Opportunities for Human Rights Defenders


Linking and Learning

Digital Security Helpline for Human rights Defenders


Intellectual Property Training for HRDs

This training is premised on the protection of intellectual rights for the creatives in the DHRLab community. It will help …


Digital Literacy Training Session

Digital Woman Uganda (DWU) on behalf of the Digital inclusion COP will be leading in conducting digital literacy training f…

External Event

Africa-Europe D4D Hub Multi-Stakeholder Forum

The African Union – European Union (AU-EU) Digital for Development (D4D) Hub is facilitating the first Africa-Europe D4D Hu…


CoP Workshop: Organisational Digitalisation and Management

This hands-on workshop will equip human rights defenders and organizations including community-based organizations, Grass r…

Chat Discussion

#NextChapter Tweetchat

2021, an eventful year, is coming to its end and we want to celebrate what we have accomplished so far, where we are right …


4th Women HRDs Conference

The Phenomenal Woman: Restoring Hope in Challenging Times

DHRLab 2.0 - the next Chapter

After three years of successful networking, advocacy work and enhancing of human rights structures both for the Ugandan soc…


Digital Education Hackathon

Take part in this gamified learning approach by Digital Woman Uganda, Blue Node Media, Code Impact sponsored by the Europea…


3rd Privacy Symposium Africa

The virtual event with the theme "Data Protection: A New Dawn in Africa" takes place in Kampala from November 3rd - 5th and…


Cyber Policies Protecting Women/Children Online

How can we protect Women and Children hovering the online spaces? Digital Woman Uganda in collaboration with moderator Lind…


Digital Security Conference 2021

Decoding foundational inequalities in a digital era. Empowering Civil Society to Challenge Systemic Exclusion. by Defenders…

National Stakeholder's Conference on OGBV

WOUGNET together with Makerere University will hold a National Stakeholders' Conference on Online Gender-Based Violence. T…


Fact Checking and Verification Workshop

You want to learn how to spot false and misleading information? Acquire skills to verify false information? Join our Fact C…


Linking & Learning Session #4

"Learning Digital security and safety as a non-techie" with discussions centered around the available open source tools on …

Report Launch

Engendering AI - Report Release

Pollicy is releasing the first of the 3-part series: “Engendering AI: A Gender and Ethics Perspective on Artificial Intell…


LETS PLAY! Gaming and Discussions @UN WORLD Data Forum

The Digital Human Rights Lab and Pollicy will host an interactive event that brings together Human Rights Defenders from gr…

External Event

Learning Call on Network Disruptions

Sandra Aceng from WOUGNET is guest on this years #FIFAfrica21 session hosted by Global Network Initiative and CIPESA - Tune…

External Event

Effects of State Surveillance on Democratic Participation in Africa

Nicholas Opiyo from Chapter Four Uganda is guest on this years #FIFAfrica21 session hosted by CIPESA - Tune in!

External Event

Tools for Enhanced Collaboration on Digital Rights Violations and Digital Security in Africa

Phillip Ayzika from Pollicy is guest on this years #FIFAfrica21 session hosted by Pollicy, Paradigm Initiative and CIPESA U…

External Event

Afrofeminist Data Futures

Neema Ayer from Pollicy is guest on this years #FIFAfrica21 session hosted by Pollicy and CIPESA Uganda - Tune in!

External Event

Unseen Eyes, Unheard Voices: Emerging Data Concerns Arising the Covid-19 Pandemic

Phillip Ayazika from Pollicy is guest on this years #FIFAfrica21 session hosted by Kenya ICT Action Network and CIPESA Ugan…

External Event

Status of Digital Rights in Africa: Two years into the Pandemic

Patricia Nyasuna, Program Officer for Gender & ICT Policy Advocacy at WOUGNET is guest on this years #FIFAfrica21 session h…

External Event

Understanding Online Violence Against Women and Girls during Covid-19

Phillip Ayazika from Pollicy is guest on this years #FIFAfrica21 session hosted by NamTschuwe Digital and CIPESA Uganda - T…


A Buyer's Guide to Land Purchase

Due diligence and how it will save you from buying "air".


Linking and Learning Session #3

Putting inclusion at the heart of digital spaces feat. the CoP on Digital Inclusion

Chat Discussion

Cyber Policies Protecting Women/Children

Digital Woman Uganda is hosting a tweetchat/twitter space around Cyber Policies Protecting Women and Children Online on the…


DHRLab Digital Security Training in Gulu

Ben Kerry Mawejje together with DHRLab hosts a Digital Security Training to built capacity within the DHRLab community. Fi…


DHRLab Digital Security Training 2

Lindsey Kukunda and Gole Andrew together with DHRLab host a Digital Security Training to built capacity within the DHRLab c…


Data Respecting Diversity - Stakeholder Forum

Data privacy, CyberLaws, Data Inclusion, Data, data, data... We hear this word thrown around a lot but do you really ta…


Panel Discussion on Succession Law

A discussion between Rhoda Namboze for BarefootLaw, Rebecca Atayo for Landnet and Sandra Aceng for WOUGNET on the current s…


1st DHRLab Digital Security Training

Gole Andrew and Ben Kerry Mawejje together with DHRLab host a Digital Security Training to built capacity within the DHRLab…


Communication for Visibility Training Part 2

In four (4) sessions Tusiime Tutu and guest trainers touch upon topics such as 1) Social Media Management; 2) Interacting w…


Communication for Visibility Training Part I

In four (4) sessions Tusiime Tutu and guest trainers touch upon topics such as 1) Public speaking on- and offline; 2) Writi…

Launch of Cyber Policy Brief: Protecting Women and Children

These webinar sessions will be led by DWU and we will focus on “development of appropriate tools to raise awareness about t…


Online Access to Health Information Advocacy Training

Amara Hub & MN-YEA, will jointly carry out online health advocacy training for 20 health workers to equip them with practic…


Linking and Learning Session

Up next is the Community L&L session led by the CoP on Innovation for Rural Development and this session will feature CoP m…

Mental Health Circle #5

Hello there, it's the Last Mental Health Circles! Thank you for making it this far. We hope these sessions have been help…

Chat Discussion

Mental Health Circle #4

Hello there, it's the 4th Mental Health Circles! Thank you for your continued interest in the Mental Health Circles. This w…

Community Linking & Learning Session: The Digital Age Amidst a Pandemic: Defending Rights of the Vulnerable

The bi-monthly L&L sessions aim to boost and further intercommunity (CoP) sharing as they embark on a journey of scaling ou…

Mental Health Circle #3

Hello there, it's the Mental Health Circles again!  We received tremendous feedback from the second session. And for this …


Mental Health Circles

Are you geared up for this week’s circle? The Associates for Health Rights (AHAR) and DHRLab invite you to participate in t…

Mental Health Circles

The DHRLab together with Associates for Health Rights Limited (AHAR) started "Mental Health Circles", online sessions led b…

The use of tech to advance access to justice in Africa

Join episode three of the TALK 4 LEGAL hosted by @App4Legal and @ALT_legaltech with Christina Dutton, Kelechi Ibe, Anastasi…


DHRLab @ RightsCon

Strategy Session - Digital security and data privacy to tackle OGBV and safeguard women's and children's rights online in U…


Internet Shutdown and Censorship

The Internet Shutdown and Censorship in Uganda Workshop covers topics as "What's TOR and how does TOR anti-censorship work?…


Digital Skills Workshop

The workshop will be an online virtual setting and physical setting at The Innovation Village. The aim is for participants …


DATAFEST KAMPALA - living with data

Under the theme “Living with Data“, this year we examine the integral role that data plays in almost every aspect of our li…


DHRLab Session @ DRIF

DRIF is an important platform where conversations on digital policy in Africa are shaped, policy directions debated and par…

Report Launch

State of Digital Rights & Internet Governance

Unwanted Witness Uganda and DHRLab cordially invite you to attend the launch of a study report whose overall objective was …

Celebrating International Women's Day

Women in Leadership: Achieving an Equal Future in a COVID19 World - The Event will enable us to choose the challenge the ma…


Innovation Program Pitch Event Livestream

In a Design Sprint over the last 4 weeks, 10 teams have been working on their ideas to make human rights work in Uganda bet…

CoP Networking Weekend & Pitch Event

This weekend the CoP Leads will come together to elaborate further collaboration among the CoPs as well as exploring synerg…


Safer Internet Day #SID2021 #SaferInternetDay

The Role of the Multistakeholder Model in Promoting a Safer Internet. Hosted by Digital Literacy Initiative (DLI)

Assessing the Legality in the UCC Directive Authorizing Online Content Producer Registration and Broadcasting Services

UCC issued a Public Notice/directive on the 7th Day of September 2020 advising all persons currently offering or planning t…

Innovation Program: Call for Digital Innovations

Do you have an idea, solution or approach to improve human rights work? Apply to our Innovation Program and win up to 60.0…

Innovation Program Info Event No. 2

The Digital Human Rights Lab in cooperation with StartHub Africa has launched a Digital Human Rights Innovation Program to …


Innovation Program Kick-Off

The Digital Human Rights Lab in cooperation with StartHub Africa has launched a Digital Human Rights Innovation Program to …


Tutorial: Intro to Hashtag Campaign Analysis

In this Tutorial Arthur Kakande, Data Products lead at Pollicy, will give an Introduction to Hashtag Campaign Analysis (Bra…

How to protect human rights in the digital age?

Get to know the DHRLab projects. Join us in a tweet chat using the hashtag #DefendingHumanRightsOnlineUG

Tracking social media data,Tracking and understanding social media analytics

Join for a practical session to learn and make sense of social media analytics for online campaigns with Estone Wandera.


IGF - Open data For Women and Persons with disabilities

Open Data is data which is made accessible and available in a standardized machine-readable format and under a license that…

Assessing the Human Rights Situation during the COVID-19 Pandemic

Join the Webinar and learn about experiences from lawyers and human rights defenders. #SafeguardingHRDs

Introduction to data analysis with Stata

Join us for a practical session with Sandra & Bonnita, Research Experts at Pollicy. We introduce the very basics of Stata …

#BeOnlineBeSmart Tweet Chat

"Lets Put the We in Cybersecurity" together with Encrypt Uganda, Internet Society - Uganda Chapter & Digital Literacy Initi…

WOMEN@WEB Event - Online Debate

Learn about a Legal framework with specific focus on the national laws and administrative practices responsive to online vi…


The Knowledge Platform Security & Rule of Law (KPSRL)

In collaboration with SEMA, we are hosting the panel discussion"Protecting our Justice Data" at the KPSRL annual conference

Closing the Digital Gender Gap in Uganda Webinar

In this webinar we aim to further explore, highlight and interrogate the key issues and findings emanating from the researc…

Digital Data Collection Tutorial

Join us in a hands-on session with Pamela Namala, Data Analysist at SEMA

WOUGNET Event - Women’s Rights Online: Closing the gender gap for a more equal world

Join @WOUGNET on omen’s Rights Online: Closing the gender gap for a more equal world by using the hastags #GenderDigitalDi…

WOUGNET Event: Tackling Gender Based Violence in the Cyber Space

Join us in a tweet chat this week using the hashtags #StopOnlineGBVUG #AskforConsent #FreeToBeOnline

Privacy Symposium 2020

Data and Democracy: Opportunities and Challenges to Digital Rights in Uganda

Zoom-Session: Free practical introduction to information design & data visualization

Join us if you are interested in learning how to transform information or data into visual formats that make it easier to u…

Whatsapp Chat Discussion - Children Safety Online: From a Legal & Cyber Security Lens

Join us to discuss what parents and guardians can do to ensure their children are safe online.

Whatsapp Chat Discussion: Demystifying Pollicy’s Digital Advocacy Toolkit

Join us as we demystify Pollicy's Digital Advocacy Toolkit & explore alternatives to the traditional advocacy campaigns.

Hands On for Digital Security & Safety

Are you interested in learning how to practically secure your identity, assets & technology in the online & mobile world? T…

WhatsApp Chat Discussion: Remote Working Tools

The next chat discussion on Tips & Tools for productive Remote Work. Join us to learn how to learn more about the best prac…

Rights Con Online 2020: Supporting Human Rights Activists in repressive environments

Opportunities for mechanisms to support human rights activists and defenders working in internet and civic repressive envir…

RightsCon Online 2020: Not "revenge" porn

new trends in non-consensual intimate imagery in Uganda and the role of digital security

Disinformation, and Citizens right to be informed

Fake news increasingly influence online media. Therefore, the ability to take responsible and decisive action against false…

A friendly Guide to Data Visualization

We discuss the power of data visualizations when communicating results and persuading audiences. A WhatsApp discussion.

A Guide to Ensuring your Digital Privacy & Security – Whatsapp Chat Discussion

How do we ensure online safety as we embrace social distancing and remote working?

Human Rights and Covid-19 – Webinar

The Webinar will provide an opportunity for many lawyers, human rights actors, and defenders with interest to provoke discu…

Digital Data Collection, Practices and Recommendations – Whatsapp Chat Discussion

Exchange on how best to embrace digital data collection tools in the time of social distancing.


Global Digital Development Forum

Catch the intresting talk of our community members at this year's Global Digital Development Forum.

Corona Contigency Planning – CoP Meeting

A meeting to give the possibility to exchange on solutions for the impact of the Corona Crisis on the various CoP activitie…

CoP Presentation & Collaboration Workshop

The Community of Practice will gather and give intresting insights in their work to identify possible synergies and collabo…

Introduction to the Digital Human Rights Lab

The DHRLab as a physical-visual space wants to bring together the DHR community. Join us at our introduction event to ident…

Supercharge your Advocacy – Preparing your Data Analysis Report

After data collection, what's next? How do you convert your data into actionable insights?


Digital Security Conference (DigiSec)

The Defenders Protection Initiative will explore the influence of the 4th industrial revolution on privacy and security iss…

Supercharge your Advocacy – Research Methods 101

Pollicy invites to give information about how to use data research methods to enhance research and data collection skills.

Cyber Laws in Uganda – CoP Workshop and Report Launch

This workshop will be based on the findings of the Cyber Laws report by BarefootLaw and will train human rights defenders o…

Digital Security Policy Generator – Workshop with Daniel Moßbrucker

The workshop focuses on the threats that come along with digitization and when working with online tools. We will work on…

Kick OFF Workshop Digital Human Rights Lab

At our Kick OFF event we will introduce the Digital Human Rights Lab and launch the project. A first step to the forming o…

Human Rights Protection in the Digital Age – Community Meeting & Stakeholder Mapping

The event will bring togehther different actors of the community. A needs assessment, understanding the overall goal and st…