Biz Kulutimbe - A Rural Women's Guide for Digital Marketing

This digital marketing guide was developed with the objective to increase the income of rural women business owners through connecting and empowering them with access to technology.

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To support women in marketing their businesses, this guide was collectively developed by Smart Girls Foundation with support of PASSAGE, Mama's Shelter for Hope (MASH), Teso Relief Oppressed Women Everywhere (TEROWE) and RESTORE - all part of the Innovations for Rural Development CoP.

The Rural Women's Guide for Digital Marketing is available in

woman standing proudly in her rolex shop showing the digital marketing guide.jpg

While around 100 hard copies in English and Luganda were printed and distributed in rural Wakiso areas, more in other languages such as Ateso and Acholi will follow.

woman holding the digital marketing guide while standing in her shop with electric gadgets