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In June 2021, DefendDefenders conducted and facilitated a training in the field of digital literacies through a combination of sprint and cohort workshops for improved efficiency in the delivery of human rights defenders’ work and advocacy using secure and safe digital tools. DefendDefenders executed the contract under its flagship program Ttaala. Ttaala is a comprehensive skills-building project for human rights defenders illuminating the world of digital tools and strategies. Organizations in Ttaala learn how to survive and thrive defending human rights in the digital age while creating impact-driven projects.

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Through a series of two workshops held 19-20 May 2021 and 16-18 June 2021, DefendDefenders conducted online and in-person training sessions where participants collaborated and exchanged ideas entrenching and improving skills like the use of Microsoft Excel, Data visualization, data analysis, proposal/grant writing, drafting a good budget and Mental Wellbeing.

Forty (40) participants drawn from the Digital Human Rights Lab community of practice, and the Ttaala community underwent a rigorous selection process partaking in pre and post-training assignments ensuring the growth of knowledge and skills.

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