Invisible Scars - Mental Health Research

How is the LGBT Community affected by mental health problems and what can be done to support the mental ill? Find out in the Invisible Scars report/ guide.

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Without mental well-being, we cannot be healthy. We all experience emotional ups and downs from time to time, caused by events in our lives. Mental health conditions go beyond these emotional reactions to specific situations. They are medical conditions that cause changes in how we think and feel, and in our mood.

The LGBT and queer community face these challenges just like everyone else. But they may experience even more hurdles to caring for their mental health. This is usually related to prejudices and financial issues. LGBT individuals are more likely to experience a mental illness such as depression or anxiety and suicidal thoughts. The stigma that surrounds mental illnesses can keep people from seeking help.

Please find the report here: Invisible Scars Report

About the author

Ayesiga Herbert is an LGBT activist, researcher, YALI Alumni and social worker by profession. Currently, he is the Programs Director at Icebreakers Uganda, a non-profit support organisation for LGBT persons, which is focused on Sexual Health Rights advocacy and community mobilisation for HIV/AIDS awareness and prevention for all LGBT Ugandans. He pioneered the first research on mental health issues within the LGBT community in Uganda and the #SeeTheInvisible campaign, aimed at raising awareness of mental health issues. The campaign also ensures that those at risk receive proper, timely and effective treatment.