Mitigate Impacts of Human Rights Abuses on HRDs

The LGBTI and Sex Worker community are a vulnerable community and were more vulnerable during the Covid-19 total lockdown - they suffered intensified effects of the Covid-19 pandemic situation in Uganda. To that note, the project intends to mitigate the human rights abuses by putting in place measures to address mental health challenges arising from the effects of the pandemic using a peer-based approach.

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The project will further create a committee of responders and focal persons identified within the partnering organisations to support for the LGBTI and Sex workers communities. Find out more about the Approach and Impact of the project in this resource:

You can download the full project report here.

This project is led by Associates For Health Rights Limited (AHAR) who partnered up with Sexual Minorities Uganda, Ice-Breakers Uganda, Ark-Wellness Center. Tranz-Gender Network, UNESO-Sex Workers Network and Rhiza Collective-Technical support.