Principles for Digital Development

The Principles for Digital Development are a set of nine guidelines to ensure that digital technologies have a sustainable impact in development programs. Based on the practical experience of the implementing organisations, they are continuously being developed.

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Find the Principles for Digital Development here:

  1. Design with the user
  2. Understand the existing ecosystem
  3. Design for scale
  4. Build for sustainability
  5. Be data driven
  6. Use open standards, open data, open source and open innovation
  7. Reuse and improve
  8. Address privacy and security
  9. Be collaborative

The Principles are not meant to be stagnant, nor compulsory. They are a set of living guidance intended to help practitioners succeed in applying digital technologies to development programs. Over time, the Digital Principles may change as they are updated and modified to fit specific contexts and environments. The Digital Principles community plays a key role in ensuring the Principles are still relevant and useful. If you would like to learn more about what other practitioners are doing to implement the Principles, or join the discussion, please visit our Community page.