Privacy Scorecard Report 2022

The 2022 privacy scorecard is a buildup on the Privacy Scorecard Report of November 2021 developed by Unwanted Witness. The 2021 Privacy Scorecard was a data protection compliance monitoring tool focusing on Ugandan data collectors.

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The 2021 Privacy scorecard assessed the performance of the following sectors: the Social Sector, e-commerce, financial, telecom, and government agencies against five indicators. The indicators were: Practicing robust data security, compliance with privacy best practices, disclosure of relevant information to data subjects, mentioning third parties with whom personal data is shared, and mentioning the nature and quality of information shared with 3rd parties. From the assessment, a general overall low index score of 35% was recorded, with the e-commerce sector scoring an average score of 50%, the financial sector at 36%, and the telecom sector at 35%.

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