State of Digital Rights and Governance in Uganda

How undemocratic practices sway Digital Rights Enjoyment & Governance in Uganda. A research report by Unwanted Witness.

Tagged: Human Rights Reports
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A number of studies continue to show that, if governments do not undermine internet access, citizens’ knowledge and awareness about digital rights and violations would increase.

In Uganda, the use of internet has been critical in terms of accessing information but limited for certain issues bringing about the preposition for this study. This situation has ruined the enjoyment of human rights in Uganda over the years. This defines the aim of study which was to find out the ambiguities in the policies that limit the development of internet governance principles.

In line with the identified setbacks, Unwanted Witness (UW) Uganda commissioned this study as part of evidence based advocacy approach to strengthen the effectiveness and enjoyment of digital rights in Uganda. The study focused on addressing the following key objectives;

  • Build on the existing knowledge about digital rights and Internet governance in Uganda.
  • Investigate factors hindering the enjoyment of digital rights and Internet Freedoms in Uganda.
  • Attain recommendations for policy formulation and review for digital rights enjoyment.

Download the full report here.