Teaching Fact Checking - Guide

Fact-checking becomes more and more important in world full of fake news, misleading information and half-truths. Yet we rely on the internet to connect and get informed! This guide provides with you with the necessary knowledge and skills to teach fact checking.

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Across Africa, people make decisions every day – decisions that impact public health, human rights, development issues, business and daily life. Whether they are civil society members, policymakers or the public, people make decisions based on the information available to them. But often that information is misleading or wrong.

The training programme equipped participants with the necessary knowledge and skills to teach fact-checking and thus enable others in the media, civil society organisations and the general public to check the accuracy of claims themselves. This will ultimately promote accuracy and honesty in public debate and the media in Uganda.

Download the Guide to Train Fact Checking >>here<<.

This Guide is compiled by the DHRLab and AfricaCheck.