What Is an Ideal Internet to You? A Global Exploration of Digital Rights Trends

Digital rights have come to encompass a wide range of issues concerned with the health of the Internet, one that is constantly changing and moulding to emerging global technological, socio-political, and economic trends.

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This white paper seeks to provide an overview of the core thematic issues around digital rights and digital safety across the world. The content builds off a global mapping exercise of organisations and knowledge, predominantly focused on Africa and the Middle East, Latin America, Asia-Pacific, Eastern Europe, and Central Asia. This document is intended to serve as a primer for practitioners and newcomers to the field of digital rights to gain a broad understanding of key issues within this ecosystem.

As such, Pollicy mapped over 300+ organizations, identified 400+ resources on 5 key thematic areas within digital rights and security, and listed 50+ funders supporting this important work accessible here