Salvaging the Shrinking Digital Space through Research & Advocacy

A free, secure and accessible Internet for all.

This project is led by Unwanted Witness, who collaborate with Barefoot Law and 8tech Consult Ltd.

Main Goal of the Project

The project's goal is to strengthen the effective enjoyment of human rights in Uganda through the use of digital infrastructure.

Project Design

Collaboration through sharing researched information, insights and strategies across organisations and sectors with whom we share the same vision of better digital world and Internet will drive the project forward. Addressing Data protection and Privacy rights from the time data is collected, stored, processed and shared. We are putting the consent of the data subjects at the forefront, so that they become agents in all processes. This is giving them the utmost power to opt out in case of a breach. By providing our report promoted through advocacy dissemination in workshops, radios, and television, quality information will be availed to the right people. They will be able to use it when they need it to take informed decisions.

We are designing and participating in dissemination and training workshops, give presentations on our areas of specialty with new techniques, discoveries and innovations. Consistent communication over digital media by joining group conversations over protected platforms to share quick updates, threats and opportunities that arise are key for a good communication base. We also do joint petitions to policy makers for a stronger bargaining voice, putting to the forefront matters of equality and justice to the citizens.

The 1-year project will be implemented from June 2020 to July 2021.


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