Empowering HRDs with Legal and Digital Fortitude

Supporting those who support us.

This Project is led by Barefoot Law who partnered up with ThinVoid, WOUGNET and Unwanted Witness.

Main Goal of the Project

The project's goal is to ensure human rights defenders are aware of the legal burden they carry when they are collecting and using personal data. In adding it helps them to develop the right processes and to maximize their digital security in the process.

Project Design

First the needs of human rights defenders and what they may already have in place to deal with the question of personal data protection is established. Thereafter we work with the organisations through a series of workshops and direct interaction to help them develop the right type of system which works for them and will aid them in carrying out their work in a lawfully and efficient way.

Each of our partners has got a key and important role to play in ensuring that this project is not only successful but impactful. The legal aspect of personal data protection is important, but not enough - there is a need for digital data protection mechanisms to be included as well as considerations made regarding personal interactions and how these are affected by different phenomena. All of the learning must be added to a pool of research to contribute to the learning being made on a wider national level to guide policy and planning. This is how BarefootLaw, Thinvoid, WOUGNET and Unwanted Witness are collaborating respectively on this project.

The 1-year project will be implemented from June 2020 to July 2021.


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