Digital Inclusion

ICT offers many opportunities. But access remains unequally distributed. Thus, we are aiming to include every person whilst demanding for digital human rights.

Being witnesses of the 4th industrial revolution, it is on us to take part in the process and actively shape it. While ICT offers many opportunities for people around the world, the access to ICT tools are not distributed equally and misuse of data bears a risk for vulnerable groups. Thus, we are aiming to include every person whilst demanding for digital human rights.



Mitigate Impacts of Human Rights Abuses on HRDs

This project is led by Associates For Health Rights Limited (AHAR) who partnered up with Sexual Minorities Uganda, Ice-Breakers Uganda, Ark-Wellness Center. Tranz-Gender Network, UNESO-Sex Workers Network and Rhiza Collective-Technical support.

Human Centered Design Training for HRDs

Design is a problem solving tool to impact the human rights space and change lives. This project is implemented by Design Without Borders.

Structuring Protective Systems for Women/Children

Digital Woman Uganda's project seeks to enhance protective systems for women and children in Uganda. They are part of the Digital Inclusion CoP.


Gender Equality

Women are protected by the same fundamental human rights regulations as men, yet women are still denied those rights in societies around the world.

LGBT Rights

In Uganda as much as all over the world, people are still stigmatised and discriminated because of their actual or perceived sexual orientation or gender identity.

Disability Rights.png
Disability Rights

As full members of societies, Persons with Disabilities (PWD) can contribute to the development of a country with their skills and form culture and societies with their ideas.

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