Disability Rights

As full members of societies, Persons with Disabilities (PWD) can contribute to the development of a country with their skills and form culture and societies with their ideas.

To take part actively, access to education and a barrier-free infrastructure is necessary, but not always implemented. Therefore PWDs have less opportunities in the labour market, also stigmatisation leads to an additional mental health stressor. Digitalisation can contribute to the well-being of PWDs through the mitigation of stigmas and digital/online tools offer several options to include PWDs.

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Assessing the effect of ICT policies and strategies on access and utilization of ICTs by PWDs

This project is lead by Pollicy who collaborate with NUDIPU to assess how ICT policies and strategies affect access and utilization of ICTs by persons with disabilities in Uganda.

Disability Rights community

Lead community member

Pollicy is a civic technology organization based in Kampala, Uganda.