Enhancing Women's Rights Online

This project is led by WOUGNET in cooperation with the Makerere University School of Women and Gender Studies to enhance women's rights online.

Main Goal of the Project

WOUGNET and the Makerere University School of Women and Gender Studies seek to improve the protection of women’s online privacy and security by continuously advocating for improvement in implementing policies and laws that regulate women rights online.

Project Design

The goal of an enhancement of online safety and digital security will be reached through strategic digital literacy capacity skills building training for the most at-risk women and youth to reduce unlawful abuse or misuse of digital platforms in Uganda. It will leverage on technology and collaborations among policy makers, internet service providers and surrounding communities for promotion and protection of women rights online and upholding gender equality and equity principles by duty bearers in Uganda.


Enhancing Women's Rights Online community

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Women of Uganda Network (WOUGNET) is a Non-Governmental Organization initiated in May 2000 by several women’s organisations…