Gender Equality

Women are protected by the same fundamental human rights regulations as men, yet women are still denied those rights in societies around the world.

This is also the case for Uganda. Throughout the country, asset ownership and employment status remain distributed unequally between women and men. Violence against women and girls as well as attacks against the LGBTIQ community are on the increase and impede a life of dignity and safety for everyone. Gendered discriminatory and violent practices call for action and are, thus, central to the DHRLab’s efforts of strengthening human rights in Uganda.

Humanity is diverse. Sex and gender are core dimensions of how we as humans understand ourselves. Bodies come in different shapes, have different biological features, and are yet often assigned to rigid categories of ‘male’ and ‘female’. People live their lives as women, men, transgender or may identify as another gender. Similarly, people desire and love in multiple ways. Some are attracted to persons of the opposite sex or gender while others engage in relationships with persons with the same sex and gender identity. As diverse as humanity is in general, so are sex, gender, and sexual orientation. For clarifications on the terms check out the gender dictionary of Include Gender!


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