Human Centered Design Training for HRDs

Design is a problem solving tool to impact the human rights space and change lives. This project is implemented by Design Without Borders.

Main Goal of the Project

As an organization rooted in the core principles of design thinking, the main goal of this project is to equip the communities of practice within the DHRLab with Human Centered Design skills to strengthen the impact of their various projects within the human rights field.

Project Design

Design Without Borders Africa is having a series of HCD workshops with the organizations, where they use real life examples of relevant projects to showcase the impact of design. Additionally they show the participants how design tools can be applied to their processes to craft solutions that meet the needs of their target users. Design Without Borders also shares design tools that the participants can practice with and apply to their respective projects.

With their partners, Design Without Borders aims to drive co-creative processes where they invite organizations to understand problems, analyze needs, contribute and test possible solutions to address the challenges being faced by their target audiences.

The project is implemented from July 2020 to September 2020.


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